We’re in the midst of having quite a bit of work done around the house. It should all be wrapped up by the end of the week, and then I’ll share what we’ve done and post some pics to Flickr so you can see. So we’re pretty busy and I haven’t had a chance to wrap up a few posts I’ve started. But I did want to share some news on the girls.

C. is now officially walking. Her first steps came three weeks ago, and she’s been teasing us ever since. But this weekend was the first time she really started to do it on her own and quite a bit, rather than only after much coaxing from the parents. She’s hilarious because she gets very excited and either claps for herself, or throws her hands up in the air and literally waves them like she just doesn’t care. She makes me laugh because she takes off, and after three or four steps, both hands are waving around above her head and she’s shrieking.

It has been fascinating to follow her different pace of development. M. walked one day before her 13 month birthday and never looked back. She was a pro on her second day. C. started at 11 months, and has been slowly building up to where she is now, which still isn’t as good as M. was on day two. Soon enough C. will have it mastered, though, and then M. is really going to have to watch out. I think C.’s progress has come out of her intense desire to chase her sister.

The other big developmental news of the day was M. dropping her first deuce in the training potty. She’s been indifferent to potty training, and while we’ve been diligent about making her try, we haven’t pushed it too hard. We have until September, when she starts preschool, and we figure it will happen when it happens. She’s been getting more interested in it though, and now likes to wear the Curious George underwear she picked out. She’ll pee in it maybe once a day, but has been reluctant to do any heavier lifting, if you will. After her nap today, I saw her getting that look on her face and noticed she was sneaking towards the sunroom, a favorite hiding spot. I ran and got the potty, put her on it, and must have just made it in time, because about 30 seconds later I heard her cheering for herself while she looked beneath her into the potty. “You did it M.! I’m so proud of me!” That’s what she said. So I made a big deal out of it, and she was very excited and proud and happy. She got M&Ms and Curious George and was pleased. Now to make it a regular event without prodding from the parents and ditch the diapers for good…