Well, somehow C. turned one today. Was it really a year ago that we dropped M. off at her grandparents’ house and took S. in for a c-section? In some ways it seems like a lot longer than that. In others, the time has really raced by.

The last two or three weeks have been pretty amazing. Not that she was developmentally delayed in any way, but she has suddenly blossomed. The walking, which she now does constantly. She’s progressed from little sounds to constant babbling, with her seven or eight word vocabulary sprinkled in liberally. She’s become a lot more boisterous, and really aggressive towards M. (Who, coincidentally, has turned into a big fraidy cat. I’ve said it before, but C. is going to kick some serious big sister ass as soon as she figures out how). Lots of little things all at once. It’s as if she realized her first birthday was coming up and she decided to master a number of new abilities to celebrate. She makes us laugh a lot, which is fun.

Her birthday celebration was pretty much the usual around here. Grandparents and one aunt over for pizza and then cupcakes. A couple presents. Some balloons. C. made the obligatory mess, which is kind of what first birthdays are all about. She was acting kind of fussy until we slammed a cupcake in front of her, then her mood improved dramatically. She was wound up until bedtime.