Hey, all those words in the subject line have three letters. How about that?

Anyway, today was a rather large day for M.. Her first trip to the dentist! We’ve been educating her with a Dora goes to the dentist book for a few weeks, and for the past couple days she seemed really excited to go see Dr. I. (Long-time reader may recall that our family dentist is an extremely attractive woman. Of course, she is an excellent dentist first, and attractive second. But the view is nice when you’re leaned way back with a bright light in your eyes and a metal hook digging in your mouth.)

She was excited all morning until it came time to leave, then she suddenly got a little nervous and whiney. I stayed home with C., but from all reports, it went really, really well. She’s not always super cooperative when we brush her teeth. She gets first crack, which generally involves chewing on her toothbrush for two minutes before mom or dad step in. But during her check-up. she opened her mouth wide for the hygienist and dentist. She sat still. She was a very good girl. She was soooo excited when she got home. I kept telling her how proud of her I was, and she would start laughing and screaming. She was obviously pleased with herself. We had some concerns about how she would behave.

I’ll be less verbose about her other big accomplishment of the day. She pooped on the potty twice today. First times since the first time she did it a couple weeks back. Progress!