Just a friendly reminder that the new White Stripes album hits stores on Tuesday. As I type this at 11:07 PM, I’m seriously considering staying up until midnight to grab it from iTunes, even though my alarm is set for 5:50 AM tomorrow morning. (That is one thing I miss about the non-Daylight Savings Time days in Indiana. During the summer, you could buy new albums on iTunes at 11:00 PM on Monday nights.)

Why such an early wake-up call? I’m heading to St. Louis to catch perhaps the best match-up in Interleague play, the Royals and the Cardinals. A friend here has business in the area, and happens to be a big Cards fan. So we’re heading out super early so he can drop me in the city, continue on to his meeting, then get back in time for the game. I’ll be running into a few loyal readers of the blog for both lunch and for the game. Pics will be posted, hopefully Wednesday night. I’ve been sitting on a couple lengthy posts that hopefully I can get up for your reading pleasure later this week as well.