Literally a shitty day. We went through at least a dozen diapers and pull-ups today. I’m expecting anti-pollution people to picket our house tomorrow because of all the waste. When we got the girls out of bed this morning, they had each managed to remove their diapers. M.’s bed was just soaked. I’ll spare the details, but C.’s was far worse, and at 5:00 AM to boot. Not every day of parenthood can be lemonade and cotton candy, I guess.

We even had a little bonus action. We took the girls to the park after dinner, and another family was there with their kids (We eat at like 5:15 most nights, so we hit the park when normal people are just sitting down to their dinners). Their three-year-old apparently had to relieve himself, there were no bathrooms nearby, so his mom took him over to the grass and had him squat on a newspaper or something. Being a boy, he shamelessly took care of his business, got cleaned up, and ran over to us and said, “I pooped! It was stinky!” We dealt with enough today without having random kids come up and tell us all about their crap. What is it with all the random people talking to us these days, anyway?

Now that I’ve shared that, here’s something more fun. C. celebrating July 4th in her own special way. And these aren’t even the kid’s best moves. I’m telling you, she’s got talent, and we really need to channel it in a different direction so that I don’t spend the next 17 years going to dance recitals.