I’m not sure what happened to this week. Seriously, it seems like it was just Sunday night and I had grand plans for a bunch of blog posts, a bunch of projects around the house, and so on, and here I am on Friday having accomplished little if any of that. That’s what a cold going through the house will do, I guess.

So, hopefully lots to come next week. Favorite album #2 will be posted for sure.

I will leave you with an admission of a 70s song that, somehow, got stuck in my head and I had to break down and purchase it this afternoon. Thing is, I have no idea why. I didn’t hear it anywhere. It just appeared. So, a raise of hands, how many people remember the Bellamy Brothers #1 hit from 1976, “Let Your Love Flow”? <em>”Just let your love flow, like a mountain stream. And let your love flow, with the smallest of dreams…” </em> Come on, you remember!

Go ‘Hawks!

Now Playing: <strong>Let Your Love Flow</strong> from the album “The Bellamy Brothers: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1″ by <a href=”http://www.google.com/search?q=%22The%20Bellamy%20Brothers%22”>The Bellamy Brothers</a>