Don’t worry, the weekly football post will come. This late Saturday Big 12 game, though, is making it even harder to rationally think about the next seven days. Dominos falling…

In an amazing coincidence, C. said both her name and her sister’s name for the first time today. She said “C.” to me several times this morning, although she would point at me and laugh when she said it. She picked it up again in the evening, so we asked her if she could say M. as well. For six weeks or so, her normal response has been “Shi-sher,” as she pointed at her sister. Tonight, however, she dropped a pretty clear, “M.,” on us. Like the great parents we are, we forced her to repeat each name for the next ten minutes, dropping in other family names to test her.

What made it even cuter was the first time she said M.’s name, M. got the biggest smile on her face and started laughing. It was as if she was saying, “Finally!”

It was, in many ways, a pretty crappy day as we dealt with the girls’ mood swings, crying, and whining (colds, flu shots, and teething are responsible). But moments like this just about make up for the rest of the day.