I was hoping for a laid back weekend. A rest from the sickness of last week. Surprise, surprise.

(Warning: more puke talk ahead.)

Saturday, M. was feeling a little better, although certainly not her normal self. She ate a little bit, but didn’t seem to be into the food that much.

I went off to cover my basketball game. That was cool. There was a big event down at the Pacers’ arena that featured five high school games. I was covering the second one of the day. It was a much cooler event than the football game I did at the RCA Dome last fall. I got to sit in press row, or right at the edge of the court. I tossed a loose ball back to a player I was so close. There were official box scores that were handed out after each quarter, which is great for us journalists. And there was food in the media room! A kick ass nacho bar at that. I could get used to this.

The game ended up being quite good, though low scoring, and I stayed to watch a little of the next game, which featured Eric Gordon’s, the IU super-freshman, younger brother.

I headed home, we packed up the Sienna, and headed to Costco. We figured if C. isn’t sleeping all night, she might as well get out of the crib and into a big girl bed. That way if we have to sit with her, we can lay down and go to sleep while she works her issues out. She loves to play in M.’s bed and likes to pretend she’s asleep in it, so we hoped the transition would be smooth. M. went into her bed at 20 months, so it was time anyway (of course, S. isn’t pregnant at all, let alone seven months pregnant like she was then).

So S. took the first night’s putting to bed duties and I put M. down. When I put her down, she said she felt ok and didn’t need to go to the bathroom. I was down in the kitchen cleaning dishes up for about two minutes when I heard her screaming on her monitor. I raced up, she said her stomach hurt and needed to go to the bathroom. I picked her up, raced that direction, and just as I got in the door….well, let’s just say the puking she did earlier in the week was nothing compared to this. All over her, me, the bathroom floor, door, wall, sink, etc. So she’s screaming, I’m trying to hold onto her, avoid stepping in it, hold my breath, and figure out how the hell to get her cleaned up. Fortunately, C. heard the screaming, started saying “Shisher!” over and over, so she and S. came in and I had some assistance.

We eventually got M. cleaned up and down, and C. down as well. Around 2:30 AM, C. woke up, so I took my first shift sleeping in the twin. That shift lasted almost six hours. It’s a very comfortable, if cramped, bed! I’m sure I set us up for 20 more months of sleeping issues, but oh well.

S. was working today (her final shift of seven straight days) so today was much like the end of last week: M. on the couch, alternately moaning, sleeping, and being crabby while C. ran around and played happily. I tried to finish up my story before my noon deadline in the midst of this, then read the Sunday New York Times. I got my story done. I barely cracked the paper.

Fast forward to the evening. M. finally started acting and feeling a little better and I’m hoping for a nice, relaxing night. I notice I have a voice mail on my iPhone from a strange Kansas City number. I listen, and it’s St. Luke’s telling me my step-dad was brought into the ER after passing out. It took two hours to track him down, as he was transfered from one facility to another, but turns out he’s been sick ever since he visited us earlier this week. He decided to go out to dinner, realized he was still feeling bad, and next thing he knew, he was on the floor and people were tending to him. He’s had some heart issues, as many of you know, and had some abnormal scans tonight, so he’s being observed overnight and they’ll run more tests tomorrow. Hopefully it’s nothing more serious than complications from the flu.

SO…S. takes C. to bed again tonight. I get M. down super quick and head down here to the office to do some eBay work. After a few minutes I hear S. yelling for me. Yep, C. has soiled her new bed and her mother. And like M. the previous night, it was a mega-puke.

So here we are, almost 11:00 PM Sunday. S. is sleeping with C.. M. has yet to make a peep. And I made a quick trip to the grocery story to get some bread, Sprite, and Pepto because you know S. and I are next.

There’s your weekend wrap-up. Wasn’t that more interesting than talking about the South Carolina primary?