So I’m kind of addicted to eBay. We won’t get into the details, but since I finally checked it out last summer, I’ve become a bit of a fiend. I’ve sold some things, bought some things, but most tellingly bid on some stuff I absolutely did not need. Fortunately, all the Don’t Need items went to someone else. I’m not going all Woody Boyd on the Home Shopping Network.

For the most part, I’ve found eBay to be awesome. Until yesterday.

I had a high quality item for sale (the details are being left out to keep all of you from thinking I’m a bigger dork than you already believe me to be) and, as can happen in eBay, people were bidding like crazy over the last ten minutes. The price went up 20% in that time, and I was feeling pretty good about things. The winning bid ended up being significantly higher than I had hoped for. Then, half an hour after the auction ended, I get a message from eBay saying that the winning bidder’s account details had been compromised and someone was using it to bid without the owner’s permission. Thus, they were voiding the auction. No chance to give it to the second place finisher. No automatic relisting. No money in my PayPal pocket. Serious pisser.

So now I’m bummed and a little sour on eBay. I may use Craig’s List to try to move this item, although my brother-in-law who uses CL quite a bit says it can be maddening, too. And I may stay signed out of eBay for awhile.

Then again, I wonder if there are any George Brett rookie cards on eBay right now…