Some quick thoughts on the tournament before I head to Gymboree.

Regarding KU, I’m surprisingly zen about them. I’d love it if their fulfilled their potential and went deep; it would certainly be a lot of fun. But, if they lose early, I’m not going to let it ruin the season for me as a fan. I know that’s a familiar refrain around here these days, but I honestly believe it. Sunday’s win over Texas was such a joy to watch, that I can’t help but feel a lot of pride about this year’s team. I don’t want all of that to be ruined by what happens from here on out, as happened with the 97 & 98 teams. I’ll be bummed, but life will go on and this will still have been a great year.

That said, my Final Four is UCLA, KU, Texas, Tennessee, with UCLA beating KU in the final. I pray KU doesn’t face North Carolina in the national semis, because KU’s big men against Tyler Hansbrough and the refs means Tyler will shoot 57 free throws and Matt Kleinman will see significant playing time. (So much for zen!) I have Xavier in the Elite Eight, and Pittsburgh taking out Memphis. No other huge upsets or deep runs by lower seeded teams. Well, I have USC in the sweet sixteen, but I think a lot of people do. And doesn’t everyone have Davidson beating Gonzaga?

I was high on Purdue, until I saw Xavier was in their path. That’s a bad matchup for the young Boilermakers. I have IU out in the first round. And Butler got screwed with their low seed and won’t survive the first weekend. Butler was a team I did not want KU to play, and I think they deserve a much higher seed.

The ball is tipped in about an hour. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!