I want to be careful how I say this, because there are a lot of people across Indiana and other Midwestern states who have truly suffered over the last week because of all the rain. Some of the pictures from just south of Indianapolis were incredible.

But, I’m ready for all these freaking storms to go away. C. is now incapable of sleeping through even the mildest of storms. Despite having a fan cranked up in her room, at the first rumble of thunder, she starts crying, gets out of her bed, and comes and finds us. She was out of bed twice last night because of storms, and then seemed to be having bad dreams (no doubt of thunder) the rest of the night. I know this because I spent about four hours in her bed, and every 30 minutes or so, she would scream, “NO!” and then fling her body across the bed. Most of the time that meant her head crashed into mine. It’s bad enough I’m squeezed into her bed getting kicked all the time. But the head butts are especially insulting.

And for the record, this started right about the time I bragged about how she had turned into a good sleeper, finally, on the blog. Just another example of how sometimes you need to keep your mouth shut about the cool things your kids are doing.