So much for dodging the Barbie bullet. Last week, before my step-dad got to town for the holiday weekend, the girls and I stopped in at Blockbuster to rent some movies. I told M. we could get her a movie, thinking we would get something that she’s seen but we don’t own like Madeline, Mary Poppins, etc.

But there, right at the perfect eye level for a nearly-four-year-old, was the <a href=””>Barbie Mariposa movie</a>. She grabbed it and said, “Dad, mariposas!” Mariposa being one of her favorite Spanish words because it means butterfly. So, of course, I had to get it, and the girls had to watch it about five time before we returned it today. C. had trouble sitting through the entire movie, but even when she gave up and went to another room to play, you’d hear her saying, “Posa! Posa! Posa!” M., though, was completely enthralled.

Yesterday we made our weekly trip to Target, and went to check out the toys, both to let the girls blow off some steam and collect some ideas for M.’s birthday. For the first time ever, M. was interested in the Barbies, specifically the Barbie Fairy Princesses, of which Mariposa is one. “Dad! It’s Princess Fairy Mariposa! I want to take this one home! Can I?”

She learns fast, doesn’t she? Looks like she’s going to get an early lesson on how to wait until your birthday to get things you want. And I’m definitely buying her a football or a basketball goal or something to balance finally having some Barbie garbage in the house.