Some day I’d like to mic up the girls so I could record every funny thing they say. Although their behavior could often use improvement, about 90% of what they say makes us laugh.

One day M. found a wallet-sized picture of her and C. on my desk. She looked at it and said, “Boy, this picture is adorable!” She paused proudly, and then said, “This picture frame is enormous, daddy.” Showing off the vocab I guess.

Today I was folding laundry and the girls decided they needed to sit right where I was putting the clothes and comment on my work, while smelling each clean item. I folded up a pair of M.’s underwear and C. shrieked, “Shis-sher, it your pant-ees!” as if they had been missing for years and we had finally found them.

When I’m reading to them, M. likes to pat my chest and say, “You’re my big boy, daddy. You’re my nice, big boy.”

We took them to the pool today and M. talked a couple five or six year old boys into including her in their throwing game. C. watched the ball sail back-and-forth a couple times and couldn’t take it. She hopped into the pool and said, “Throw it uh me! Throw it uh me!”

And finally, a more action than words example. Despite going to the pool around 5:00, C. is having issues calming down and going to sleep tonight. Around 9:00, after C. had been in bed over an hour, S. heard something in the kitchen and said, “C., is that you?” (I was sitting next to her with headphones on.) Sure enough, C. pops her head around the corner and has the biggest grin you could imagine a two-year-old having. I get up to take her to bed and notice she’s brought every one of her “diapes,” cloth diapers most people use as burp clothes but both our girls use as blankie replacements, clutched in her arms. We’re talking like 15 cloth diapers that she drug downstairs. I pick her up and explain it’s time to go stay in bed and go to sleep. Her response was an incredulous, wide-eyed “Oh?” like it was the last thing she would think of doing at 9:00 PM. Naturally, 10 minutes later, she was right down here again, still clutching her diapes and with an ear-to-ear grin.

There’s so much more, but as all the other parents out there know, it’s impossible to record or remember it all.