We took the girls to our church’s festival/carnival last night. While I did not indulge, I was reminded of why I’m glad I married a Catholic girl: drinking is encouraged at church fund raisers. That’s going to come in handy when the girls get a little older.

For now, though, we had to concentrate on keeping the girls from getting trampled and whatnot. We succeeded and they seemed to have a great time. We took three turns on the Merry Go Round, a couple on the little car ride, and then one on the ladybug ride. M. won a stuffed turtle in the Everyone’s A Winner fishing game. A few more pics on our media site (linked right over there on the sidebar!).

It is also funny to watch all the teenagers desperately trying to act older than they are. Girls showing off a lot of skin (I kept thinking, “Where is Father Ted to tell them to put some more clothes on?”), boys strutting around, everyone talking a little too loud and using language that isn’t as cool as they think it is. Thank goodness I never acted like that when I was a kid!

As we left, we walked by the preschool so we could show C. where she’ll be headed in a few weeks. M. didn’t understand why it was closed, and she asked at least 47 questions about why the doors were locked on our way home. The girls both wanted to try out the playground. But, we were already past bedtime and there were three teenagers hanging out in it. They were artsy looking kids, dressed like future art school students or members in locally popular indie rock bands. They were hanging on the monkey bars, talking. I had an urge to make a comment about how they seemed a little old to be playing on toys made for preschoolers, or something along those lines. Then, I realized I would come off like John McCain yelling at kids to get off of his lawn. A shiver went up my spine and I walked by silently.