I can’t believe that between the Olympics, the phenomenal weather, etc. I’ve forgotten to share some very important news: we’ve scheduled the c-section. If she doesn’t arrive sooner, Baby Girl Brannan #3 will arrive on October 3, sometime shortly after 10 AM.

All continues to look well inside the Baby Mama. The Baby Mama herself is a bit tired and uncomfortable. But that comes with working as much as she’s worked the past couple weeks. After Friday, she only works once the rest of the month, so she’ll have some time to rest.

The downside to her schedule is that she works the entire week before her c-section date. I’m wondering if I might get a call from her that week saying she’ll be staying at the hospital and perhaps I should come join her. I hope not, but being on your feet all day does odd things to women who are 38 weeks pregnant.

So, mark your calendars in pencil I guess.