Trying to keep these things shorter.

I’ve never been a gymnastics guy, and this year has reinforced the wisdom of that decision. Not that I understood the scoring before, but it’s even worse this year. I’ll be the one millionth person to ask, how can you fall down on your dismount and still win a gold medal?

My favorite technical aspect of the Olympics might be the curve cam in the long sprints. Especially in the 200, when the runners are flying around the turn from the start, it feels like they’re running right into your living room.

Speaking of the 200, how would you like to be Shawn Crawford? Defending gold medalist, still one of the fastest runners in the world, yet you’re basically an afterthought since we’re now living in Usain Bolt’s world.

There seems to be some nastiness in the 400M rivalry between Jeremy Wariner and LeShawn Merritt. They both looked good in the semis, but Wariner looked like he had about two gears left. Michael Johnson might lose two world records this week.

Something tells me Lolo Jones is still going to get some big endorsements and become one of the most known members of the U.S. track team despite her stumble in the 100M hurdles. Just a hunch, and it’s not just because of her excellent name.

At least NBC gave the hurdles winner, Dawn Harper, a little love. We got about five minutes of Lolo replays before they got around to giving her teammate some credit for getting the gold.