Four hours of sweet freedom. That’s what we got today with the girls both going off to school. What a strange thing to have a completely quiet house in the middle of the day. I had to shut off my music junkie switch for awhile so I could enjoy this rare time of no noise.

C. did great at school. S. had a meeting this morning, so I dropped C. off by myself. She walked right in, picked up a crayon, and started coloring. She barely gave me a nod as I walked out. Easy. When S. and I picked her up four hours later, while she was happy to see us, she acted like we had only been gone for a couple minutes and it was no big deal. She was far more interested in showing us how she had soaked herself in the water table moments early.

“Ah wet, mom. Ah a wittle wet. Ah got wet.” She kept telling us how she was wet all the way to the car. The fact her hair was plastered to her face and her jeans and shirt were covered in water wasn’t hint enough, I guess.

She was a running commentary on the way home of all the things she did. “Ah play basketball. Ah ride bike. Dere a green bike, and a chocolate bike.” Yes, black and brown things are still chocolate. “Ah paint picture of mariposa!” And butterflies are only referenced in Spanish.

Since they’re in different buildings, the routine is to pick up your two-year-old then go get in the pick-up line for your older kids. So when we got M., C. was already strapped into her seat. As soon as she saw her little sister, M. was wound up. “Hi C.! You’re here! How was your first day at school? How were your friends?” It was very cute.

C. looked completely wiped out when we got home, so hopefully this will be a long nap day.