The Royals finish fourth! The Royals finish fourth!

Thanks to a blistering September, the mighty Kansas City Royals avoided the cellar in the American League Central. Believe it or not, this is the fourth time this decade the Royals have finished fourth. Maybe things aren’t so bad after all!

It’s funny how the length of a baseball season can color your judgement, though. This was going to be yet another desultory R’s season, another year when the rebuilding project showed no signs of progress. Yet, by ripping off 18 wins in September, including two double-header sweeps, the Royals finished with a respectable 75 wins. That’s right around where I wanted them to be this year. It’s a shame they had two epic losing streaks and they saved their best baseball for the time of the year when no one either cares or is paying attention.

Now, to find another bat or two, resign Greinke, get Gordon figured out, and move Guillen to someone else…