Brought the girls (mom and baby) home yesterday, right on schedule. Everything is going well with both. L. prefers to lay on us, rather than in her bed, which meant it was about 4:30 this morning before I finally got to sleep. And S. spent much of the night in bed with M. and C., who were having their own issues. We’re missing the send the baby to the nursery option.

But everyone is healthy. The big sisters are very excited that baby sister is finally here. In fact, they are a little too excited much of the time. And we’re having some predictable behavior issues with both of them because of L.’s arrival. They probably aren’t as bad as they seem, but when both parents are sleep deprived, and one is recovering from major surgery, neither of us has much patience for it.

As we get more fully settled and caught up on sleep, I’ll share more.