And thus ends the World Series I’ve watched the least in the past ten years or so.

But that was a spectacular ending. Suddenly baseball is like the NBA, and you only need to watch the last three innings (or two minutes) to get the important stuff.

Despite my long-time hate for all things Philly, it was kind of cool that they won. I learned after the Series started that Ryan Howard’s brother is in the athletic department at KU. And Jimmy Rollins has always seemed like a good guy. So good for them and the other Philly players. Piss on the city.

I know Philly fans were emoting a lot last night, but was I the only one who wondered if Fox wasn’t augmenting the crowd sounds a little? The roars in the eighth and ninth innings last night seemed louder than anything I’ve ever heard at a baseball game. It’s not like they haven’t played fast-and-loose with the sounds and images from the field before.

As Evan Longoria batted in the ninth, I’m sure most baseball fans thought about the terrific potential he and the Rays have. But, I also thought about what if this is it for them? What if they turn into Toronto, a team that can win 80-90 games a year, but more often than not will end up behind New York and/or Boston in the division, and then miss on the wild card because a Central or West team played an easier schedule and get an extra 2-4 wins? It would seem a shame for them not to become a playoff regular, but sports can be fickle like that.

I’ll admit, I got a lump in my throat every time the showed Willie Wilson swinging at that high fastball from Tug McGraw to end the 1980 World Series. Man WIllie was bad in that Series. <a href=””>6-26 with 12 Ks</a>.

I think I say this every year, but I wish postseason baseball records were offered with a per game qualifier. Sure, in absolute numbers Manny Ramirez is the all-time leading home run hitter in post-season history. But he’s had a lot more opportunities than players from earlier eras. So, tell us he’s hit 57 home runs (or whatever) in X games for .25 HR/pg. Then tell us how many Micky Mantle, Reggie Jackson, or George Brett hit per game in their postseason careers.

Monday I was switching back-and-forth between the first five + innings of game five and the shitty Colts game. There has been a discussion across the sports blogosphere about whether Fox might give up baseball rights, thus putting someone other than Joe Buck in the main announcer’s chair going forward. I couldn’t help but think he sounded bored and tired Monday. He used to be one of my favorite announcers, but his broadcasts often seem joyless now.

On to the hot stove league and counting down until pitchers and catchers report.