Another successful Halloween for the B. girls. M. went as a ballerina, while C. recycled M.’s pink octopus costume from two years ago. We planned on taking L. in a pumpkin hat and onesie, but she demanded a bottle just as we were heading out so she stayed home.

M. was really into it. She’d march right up, say “Trick or treat!” and select her candy, chatting people up along the way. C. was into everything but the social aspect. She’d mumble “Trick or treat” and then dive right in, raking candy into her bag without looking at or talking to anyone. Then she’d quickly exit before she got roped into a conversation.

As in years past, M. was also into handing out the candy. We were running a little late, so were still shoveling dinner in when the first kids hit our house. Each time the doorbell rang, both M. and C. climbed out of their chairs and raced to the door with me. M. held one of the bowls most of the night. I was impressed that she hung in there when some of the bigger kids were shoving each other to get at the bowl.

Best costume I saw all night? No brainer. The last kid who came to our door just after 8:00 was sporting a Mario Chalmers jersey. I asked if he was interested in having his entire college tuition funded by a stranger but he just took the candy.*

I didn’t really make that offer. I thought it, though.
Saturday we went to a birthday party for one of our neighbors who turned six. It was at the Bounce Zone, which, if you’ve not been there, rents out rooms full of giant inflated bounce pits, slides, etc. The neighbor is a boy, so most of the other partygoers were boys. We got there a little late and everyone was really wound up already. C. wanted nothing to do with the room, so she hung out in the lobby with L. and the other parents. I worked steadily to get M. to do something. She climbed up a tall slide, maybe 10 feet or so high, and then screamed that she wanted to get down. I told her the only way down was to come down the slide. She bought it, slid down, and wasn’t thrilled with the experience. Finally, after the birthday boy’s three-year-old sister hooked up with M., she got more interested and involved. By the time she really got into it, of course, it was time to evacuate for the cake and presents room. Oh well, next time she’ll do better.

By the way, the presents portion of the day was strangely famiL.r. The kid got at least seven Star Wars toys. It felt more like 1978 than 2008. I know there’s the new Star Wars cartoon but still, that’s crazy. His dad told me that they have the Star Wars Wii game, and after the kids are in bed, he and his brother play and beat the crap out of each other.