I’m giving the Facebook another shot. If you’re on the Facebook, you may have noticed I started updating my status, I think for the first time ever, over the past few days. I’ve received a slew of friend invites in recent weeks, thus I’ve been going in and approving/ignoring them a lot. And, while doing so, I’ve noticed a lot of friends are updating their status, posting news, and uploading pics on a regular basis. Apparently it’s not just for the kids anymore, which probably means something better/cooler is going to come along soon and replace it.

But, in the meantime, I’m going to give it a shot again. I’ve got the Facebook app on my iPhone. I’ve added Facebook as one of the bookmarks in my Safari bookmark bar, so it’s always right there staring at me. This new strategy seems to have paid off already. I’ve heard from a couple friends I haven’t talked to or e-mailed in ages. It may be the perfect tool for us parents who are always chasing kids around, especially for those who have a hard time keeping up with e-mail.

Oh, and I had about 800 invites for various games, challenges, etc. I just wiped them all out and started over, so if you had invited me to play some game, extend a wave, etc., nothing personal. That’s just me cleaning up months of disuse.