2008 was up there. 1971 was good, at least for me. 1980 was great, with the Miracle on Ice, George Brett chasing .400, and my family’s move to Kansas City. 1992 was fine. 2003 excellent. And 2004 and 2006 important years for extending the B. brand, which we of course did again this year.

2008 also had Aqib Talib and Barack Obama coming up big on January 3.
February brought a family trip to Colorado and news that a third child would be joining the house in October.
In March I saw Barack up close and in person.
April brought Sherron’s steal and three and The Shot, followed by the greatest overtime in the history of overtimes.
In May the ultrasound said girl #3.
In June I hit KC and gained 25 lbs. in three days.
In July the girls and I played outside a lot.
In August it was hot.
September brought preschool and a few hours of peace on Mondays.
October arrived and baby L. did soon thereafter.
In November Hope won and I started writing about basketball each week.
And in December we enjoyed our first holiday season with three.

Pretty freaking good.

I hope yours was fine as well.

Be safe if you’re heading out tonight.