It was a busy week here. Let’s try to catch-up.

First, we had the sixth biggest snowstorm in Indianapolis history. They measured 12.5″ at the airport. I had 10.5″ at our front door, although I think we might have had another inch on top of that based on how things looked away from the house. Of course it hit during a week when S. was on the day shift, so there was no sleeping in and letting the snow fall. I got the driveway cleared out just in time for the plows to come do our street. They saw me and did a good job of keeping our drive entrance clear, and S. had no trouble getting out of the neighborhood or to work. I’m just glad the previously flat tire on the snowblower held air. Shoveling that much would not have been cool.

We had a snow day on Wednesday, then school was delayed today. On top of that, S. got called into work (for the first time ever) Wednesday night because of an illness. So the girls and I had some quality time together. We reached the point where they got to watch whatever they wanted on TV as long as they left the baby and I alone for awhile. I was able to get the big sisters out in the snow Wednesday afternoon. They loved it, although C. seemed to think that since there was so much, she needed to swim through it. She kept getting down on her stomach and crawling through it. Perhaps she’s part penguin?

While we were busy hunkering down under the snow, the Royals went out and did a good thing. They signed Zack Greinke for four years. Others have written more and better than I can about the contract, and there is a little debate about how good a deal it is for the Royals, but I think it’s a great move. Sure, there is a lot of risk in the deal, but I think both sides enter it with some risk. Given the recent history of the Royals, they have to accept a little extra risk in order to get deals like this done. Now, if Gordon and Butler can round into form, Crisp rediscover his Cleveland persona, and the top prospects in the minors continue to develop, this is a franchise that has every chance of competing in the division in two years. A couple of Dayton Moore’s moves this off-season have been curious, at best. But getting Greinke signed makes up for a lot.

Of course, since these are the Royals, something is sure to go wrong.

Super Bowl: Don’t like either team, don’t know who to pull for or against. I have a feeling things are going to get ugly, though. The Steelers might kill old man Warner, which would bring on the high comedy of seeing Matt Leinart on the field in the Super Bowl.

You may have noticed something missing from the blog this month: no Reader’s Notebooks. I’ve been struggling so far. Part of it is out of a desire to read more lengthy books this year. I only read one or two books than were longer than 300 pages last year. But I think I also needed a break after doing 54 books in 52 weeks last year. Anyway, I’ve read one book so far, but it took forever to get through. I’m working on a bigger one that requires more effort, and am just getting a few pages a night knocked out.

And with that, happy weekend.