The best thing about the scandalous revelations that A-Rod, too, has ‘roided? That many less hours ESPN has to push the Duke-Carolina game on us. I bet they were sweating it, though, and were worried A-Rod wouldn’t talk to Peter Gammons until Wednesday. No way they devote the entire 6:00 p.m. Sportscenter to the interview and reactions on the night of the <strong>BIGGEST RIVALRY IN THE HISTORY OF RIVALRIES AND PROBABLY THE UNIVERSE ITSELF</strong>.

Quick take on A-Rod: not surprised, everyone was doing it, right? Nice that he’s manning up, to a point, instead of offering up vague apologies. But it’s not like he came out and admitted this on his own. It took the report of a positive test six years ago to get him to come clean.

And can all the sports writers out there just chill on the “Wait until Player X, who is clean, wipes away all the records from the steroid era” chatter? See what it gets you? Everyone is doing something for an edge. Never forget that.