Well that sucked. Losing to the biggest phonies in the conference stings.

So maybe that game in Lubbock wasn’t a fluke. Sherron looks a little hefty and tired. Cole struggles against anyone shorter and faster than him. You hate to be hearing the term “stress reaction” on a guy that big this time of year. I actually thought a lot of the other guys played decent but when the big two struggle…

That 2001 Iowa State comparison isn’t so crazy. That’s also a team that expended a lot of energy to win an unexpected conference title. While this year’s KU team is young, and thus not supposed to be ready, that team had one great player in Tinsley, a great compliment in Sullivan, and then some parts that had no business being on a conference championship team. They overachieved splendidly to win, got a break or two (as KU did this year with the schedule and Griffin’s injury) and were operating on fumes by the time the tournaments rolled around.

Hopefully KU will get a Friday / Sunday slot, a lot of rest, and be more ready than that ’01 Cyclone team was. I’m thinking three seed, since everyone else seems to be taking hits. A four would not shock. And frankly I’d prefer they not get the KC region. Make things tough on them, and they’ll respond. Send them back to the Sprint Center, and their season record there could easily be 1-3.

Looks like I’ll be watching less basketball this weekend than I had planned to.