I’m going to act like a typical blogger for a minute and start a rumor based on minimal evidence: I think there’s a culture of acceptance of the use of performance enhancing drugs at ESPN.

I’m not talking about glossing over the use of PEDs by athletes. I’m talking about their on-air talent. Two in particular. Hannah Storm and Sage Steele.*

(That would be Carmel High School and Indiana University alum Sage Steele. Although apparently Ms. Steele was not a big fan of her time in Carmel. Fire up the Google if you want the story.)

I’ve noticed they both go sleeveless a lot and both are completely ripped, at least in the shoulders and upper arms. Two women with muscular arms on one network? There must be something untoward going on in Bristol!

Also, would it kill either woman to eat a cheeseburger on occasion? I have three daughters and they need to learn that it’s ok not to have your ribs showing.