You may remember my four-month battle to get new glasses that spanned last October to January. I’m at it again.

This time I’m trying to get some prescription sunglasses. Since the first week of April I have 1) ordered a pair and been informed a week later that the frames I ordered will not work with my prescription, 2) ordered a new pair in the correct frames only to receive them and find the prescription was wrong, 3) sent that pair back to be corrected and then had my eye care provider fail to call and let me know they were in, 4) finally went in and got them and, you guessed it, the prescription was off again.

Step four came yesterday. The woman helping me asked what the problem had been on my previous visit, checked the problem on the pair I was trying on, did some looking at my account, and then said, “Oh, I think I see the problem. We shouldn’t have ordered this kind of lens material with your prescription. Let’s try plastic and I bet they’ll work fine.”

That information would have been helpful two months ago.

Keep in mind, because my optometrist is a family friend, we go to a fancy place and not the eye department at Target or Costco. Even with my crazy prescription, I’m beginning to wonder if I would have better luck going to one of those places.

So my sunglasses are on their way back to Louisville again. Hopefully they’ll remember to call me this time, but I won’t hold my breath that they’re going to work. With some luck, I’ll have them by the time we go to Mexico next month.