The girls again took part in our local library’s summer reading program. From June until the first week of August, we tracked the books that we read each day and got a series of prizes for their work. One prize was getting to pick out a book to take home and keep. We picked a baby book for L., C. selected a <em>Fancy Nancy</em> book, and M. picked a book about losing teeth. Ever since then, M. has been obsessed with losing her teeth. We keep telling her that she’ll have to wait awhile, because that doesn’t usually happen until kids are closer to seven.

Funny thing, this afternoon two of her front teeth were loose.

I racked my brain trying to remember if she had fallen and bumped them at any point today, but as far as both I and she can recall, it was an injury-free day. So it looks like she really has two loose teeth and we’re going to have to figure out our Tooth Fairy routine sooner than expected.

In other brief kid news, L. is working on tooth #7. She is all about playing with dad these days and Monday she crawled on top of me, growled, and literally tried to take a bite out of my chest. She thought it was terrifically funny. I screamed a little. It hurt! She’s standing on her own a bit, and I’ve been trying to coax her into taking steps. She’s taken one here-and-there, but mostly falls down. It’s coming, though. She continues to be thoroughly delightful 90% of the time and I’m trying to savor every moment of it.

C. has entered a new, emotional phase. Everything sets the girl off. I’m really not sure if something caused this or it’s just a proverbial phase that we’re going to have to deal with. I hope it ends soon, though, because I shudder to think of her being the kid in her class who bursts into tears over the smallest things. But when she’s happy, she still runs around like crazy.

The big sisters got postcards from their teachers today. M. will have a new teacher as she enters kindergarten, and C. will have the same teacher M. had when she was three. M. will be five days a week, 9-2; C. will be Tuesday-Thursday, 9-1. I’ll share more about our school plans down the line, but we’ve made a few controversial decisions.

M. and C. also completed their first gymnastics session last week. They both got a lot better and loved it. So, we’re starting a new class this Saturday that runs through October. We may keep it up until the spring, and then try to get M. into a soccer league.