Well, that was disappointing.

Teased by the first quarter, the Colts got out-Colted for the rest of the game. Throw in the gutsy on-side kick to begin the third quarter that seemed to completely unnerve the Colts, and it was about a perfect performance by the Saints. They weathered the early storm, settled down and methodically picked apart the Colts’ D when they had the ball. On defense, they rarely brought all-out pressure on Manning, but rather sat back and clogged up the passing lanes. That gave up a few big runs by Joseph Addai, but they knew that Addai alone was not going to beat them. Contain, contain, contain and hope they get the ball last. Instead, they got the game-clinching pick-six, but I doubt they’ll complain about how it all worked out.

I imagine it was a pretty exciting game for neutral fans. Porter’s interception and touchdown is one of the all-time great Super Bowl plays. Rather than be awed by the moment, as I was a year ago during that fantastic finish, I was busy dropping f-bombs in front of a bunch of sub-six year olds, not all of which are my kids. In my defense, I think everyone else was thinking the same thing, and I didn’t scream or anything. I saw Porter, the ball, and a lot of open field and muttered, “Oh fuck.” These things happen.

Also, having a rooting interest kept me from paying as much attention to the commercials as I did last year. I did notice a lot of partial nudity, mostly by men. I don’t mean to sound sexist, but that’s not what I want to see between plays. When Megan Fox sitting rather demurely in a bathtub is the best T&A we get, I call it a bad year for ads.

L. got into the spirit of things right off the bat. During the national anthem, she stood with her hand over her heart. When it was over, she waved her hands in the air and laughed. It appears as though she thought she was singing.

The Who sucked. The Old Rocker Complaint meme has been beaten to death. But at least the other old rockers that have been carted out in recent years rocked. We’re talking about one of the most important, influential, best, and loudest bands of all time and they came off as a bunch of old men awake past their bed times. Coincidence that each time Daltrey tried to hit a high note the camera cut away? People in the stadium commented that there were a couple guys playing guitar on the sides of the stage, out of the light. So Moon and Entwistle are dead and Daltrey and Townsend many not have even been singing/playing live? Awful.

So, I suppose my grade for the night would be a big Suck Minus. However, we did have some good good, some friends and family over, and a decent game to watch. I also downloaded the iPhone version of the classic Mattel electronic football game and was able to play a few games. That took me back exactly 30 years. In January and February of 1980, I spent about a million hours playing that game, trying to see how many points I could score. I kept records in a little notebook. I remember that’s how I blew off steam between periods of a certain hockey game on Feb. 22, 1980. The defense seems a little more stout in the iPhone version.

Pitchers and catchers report next week. March Madness is a month away; spring not far behind. I guess we’ll get through these 11 degree mornings and another 6″ of snow tonight.