Periodically we buy the girls spiral notebooks to use however they see fit. Most of the time they turn into sources for paper when they want to draw and color. But, as M. learns to read and write, hers has taken on a new use: her first diary.

While she was insistent at first that we were not to read her diary, since she’s broadcast every entry to the entire family I feel comfortable sharing some of my favorite entries here. So, with some of her spelling errors,* here they are.

(Unfortunately I can’t do the backwards or misshapen letters.)

Dear Diary, C. kicked me.

(Her first, and my favorite, entry. What better use for a diary than to complain about a sibling?)

Dear Diary, I wont to go to floota (Florida)

(We’re considering a beach vacation sometime in the next year. I think she’s made her vote on destination.)

Dear Diary, I have a new ring with lipstic in sid the ring

Dear Diary, Doo you like me

(We think this one is especially cute.)

Dear Diary, Dade gave me a weird look like this

(Below she drew a rather demonic looking picture of me. I did give her a weird look, but I don’t remember growing horns.)

Dear Diary, Mom gave me a werd look

(The picture of S. just has her with a sad face. No horns.)