Hardest year ever to make picks. Because of the parity that college basketball has seen this year? No, because I don’t have a feel for any of these teams. Usually, right or wrong, I can look at the brackets and have a feel for each team. I like this team’s style, dislike that one’s. I think that team is peaking, this one is toast. That coach is a tool. Etc.

But looking at this year’s bracket not many feelings are presenting themselves. My first crack at the brackets produced an all #1 seed Final Four. That’s not right. I think Duke has the easiest path of the #1 seeds, but I also think Duke is the most limited of the #1 seeds. So do I send them through, or find someone who can exploit their weaknesses? I think Kentucky has not been truly tested this year. But they have the most 1-5 talent in the country. Which is more important?

Worse, I don’t see any upsets jumping out at me. Some of that has to do with my location. People are jumping all over UTEP upsetting Butler, but I don’t see that happening. And others love Siena over Purdue. Purdue isn’t going deep with Robbie Hummel injured, but I think people are putting too much weight on their performance against Minnesota last week. They’re still a good team.

So, here’s what I have:

Elite Eight:




Nothing too edgy.

Final Four:

‘Cuse (If there’s a KU-K-State National Semi-final, I’m not going nor am I watching. I can’t handle that game.)



And I think you know who I have winning it all. That’s right, Baylor! I kid. Although I do normally fall in love with Texas when the brackets come out, only to be burned. Seems like Baylor could easily take their place. KU will beat West Virginia (who I think we all have overrated, yet I have them winning five games) and I will win my local pool that is run by a WVU alum. Perfect.

A few minor first round upsets, but no Cinderellas going deep. Be sure to print these off to throw in my face in two weeks.