The people at Hertz surprised us with an unusual ride last weekend. That’s right, we rocked a Nissan Cube in Kansas City all weekend!

When we got to the appropriate spot in the Hertz parking lot, we looked at each other, and then around, unsure if we were in the right location. We double and triple checked the number. We looked to either side to see if maybe a Focus or Corolla was sitting there, and that was the correct car. But no, this was it. That’s what you get for using Priceline, I guess.

It wasn’t all bad. It got some looks as we tooled around town. There was plenty of space for our luggage in the back. And it came with an interesting circle of shag carpet on the dashboard that no one could figure a use for. On our drive back to KCI on Sunday, the winds did about push it off the road. And the ride isn’t exactly quiet. But, if nothing else, it was a conversation piece.

Oh yeah, it was a top five wedding and reception. Our friends who are getting hitched in two weeks have a lot to compete with!