They’ve got me.

Every online retailer I’ve ever purchased a good or service from has me in their clutches. There is no escape.

Each morning when I first check my e-mail, chances are there are at least three, and often as many as six, messages from various retailers offering up fantastic discounts on things I might like. The Gap. Banana Republic. Old Navy. Eddie Bauer. Borders. Amazon. The KU Bookstore.

And as much as I insist I have plenty of clothes or books or whatever, I always click on the message to see just how good the deals are. More often than not, I’ll find a sale that seems too good to miss. That’s how I end up with 800 t-shirts for summer; how can I pass when they are only $10 with free shipping!?!?!

I’m torn. Am I part of the problem with this country, a nation of compulsive consumers who buy way more than we need or can use? Or am I doing my part, spreading money around, and keeping the economy humming?

I’m not sure what the answer is, but at least I’ll look good while I’m trying to figure that out.