We’ve been dealing with some, umm, discipline issues with the two big sisters recently. Mostly the usual stuff that comes with being home in the summer, standard age-specific issues, etc. But they’ve also learned how to really push each other’s buttons, which can make things worse.

One recent day we had a series of issues which, long story short, resulted in C. being sent to her room and M. being sent to the guest bedroom.1 As the screaming and crying and whining continued for the next 15 minutes, S. and I enjoyed these interesting comments that emerged from each room.

C.: “I don’t want sisters anymore. I don’t want friends anymore. I don’t want a family anymore.”

M.: “I don’t want C. to be my sister anymore!”

Both requests were repeated multiple times.

What’s funny is they got in trouble independently; there was no fight that should have created this ill will towards each other. If anything, they should have just been cursing our names.

  1. And when I say “sent” that should be understood to mean forcibly carried and the door closed against their will.