A quick update on the girls.

M. is now a month into her real Catholic school experience. All continues to go well, although she is crankier in the morning than she was the first couple weeks. She has a BFF, and they’ve hosted each other for post-school playdates. Obviously a lot can change, but I keep thinking that my wife met her best friend when they were six or seven. It may be someone else, but there’s always the chance that someone in M.’s class will be her friend for life.

Along those lines, several parents are organizing a dinner for the parents of the two kindergarten classes. The invitation noted that our kids will be in school together for the next nine years, so we should all get to know each other. Just another reminder that M. isn’t a little kid anymore.

She aced her first big test. While the other kids at her school were collecting sponsors for a Spell-a-thon, the kindergarteners had to be able to identify all their colors, the name of their school, and define “kindness”. When I asked her how it went, she said, dismissively, that it was easy. In most areas we feel like she’s very comfortable and confident thanks to the base she built last year.

We signed her up for Girl Scouts, or Daisy Scouts I guess. Until she’s old enough for the official kickball team1, I guess this will be her big school-related activity.

C. went back to preschool last week. She was excited to be back. I think she was a bit jealous that M. got to start before her. Not much to report on her end yet. She’s happy when it’s a day for her to go to school, disappointed when she has a day off. She was pouty in the car last Friday after pickup. Apparently her best friend played with someone else on the playground. C.’s going through a crying stage, so we hope she didn’t break down during recess.

L. is still the funniest kid ever. She’s a chatterbox, sings all the time, and faithfully chases her sisters and the neighbor kids around when they’re playing outside. One of her favorite things to do it hang out with me on the couch after breakfast. We’ve been doing it since M. started school, so it’s part of her morning ritual now. After she eats, she runs into the living room, climbs up on the couch, and pats the armrest saying, “C’mon, Daddy. C’mon” I turn on a show, she snuggles up next to me, and we have a few minutes together before I help get M. off to school.

I’m in a bit of a photo/video rut. I need to break that. The girls do some cute shit that I need to force you all to look at.

  1. It still kills me that kickball is a real sport for Catholic girls in Indianapolis. I shouldn’t scoff, though. Apparently parents watching a kickball game last week noticed a man attempting to steal items from the church. If there was no kickball, who knows what he would have gotten away with!