The next installment in the AV Club’s look back at 90s music is up, this time focusing on my favorite band of the era, Pearl Jam. It’s a fair and comprehensive look at the band’s creative highpoint: 1992-1995. I still love them, and buy each new album as soon as it’s released. But there’s no doubting they’ve been, mostly, cruising along for 15 years without much heavy lifting.

It is sobering to read through the comments and see the one that says, “My dad is a huge Pearl Jam fan…” Yikes! We are old.

Pearl Jam’s ability to sustain a career for nearly two decades on its own terms is admirable. But this is still a band that hasn’t engaged with mainstream pop culture in many years.

<a href=”,47099/”>The Perils of Fame and the Trouble With Avoiding It</a>

It’s not quite <a href=””>Paul Simonon destroying his bass</a>, but this is a pretty iconic rock picture.