A few Monday notes to kick off the week.

  • Today I should cross over the halfway point in my NaNoWriMo project, keeping me exactly on schedule. Last night I got up to 24,491 words, which according to the stats-o-matic tracker on the NaNoWriMo site, would have me finishing one day early if I continue my pace.
  • NFL. Who in the heck is the best team in the league? The answer was Pittsburgh coming into this week, and then New England made them look silly last night. I still don’t trust New England’s defense, though. The Jets really should be more dominant to make the claim they’re the best. The Giants? Not after yesterday. There’s something about the Chargers’ balance that makes me think they should get the nod.
  • The Colts got a huge break with Tennessee and Houston going down yesterday while they limped to a weak win over the Bengals. Now they have New England and San Diego in the next two weeks. As banged up as they are, I can’t expect wins in either of those games. If they can get healthy for December, I still think they’re a playoff team. But they’re clearly a notch below the Pats, Steelers, Ravens, and Bolts right now. Unless something crazy happens, it’s looking like a Wild Card weekend season-end for the Colts.
  • First stomach virus of the year hit the house over the weekend. Somehow we managed to have only one sick kid, although I’m fearful of getting a call from either M’s or C’s school today with news it has hit them. It’s always fun to get puked on. L. doused me pretty good Friday afternoon.
  • Last week was a big transition week for me, professionally. The previous Friday (Nov. 5) I covered a football sectional final game. It snowed that night. The following Tuesday, I covered a girls basketball season-opener. It was 70 that day. Weird. We still have one team left in the football playoffs – this week is semi-state – but I won’t get that game. So my football season is over with ten games covered this year. It was a lot of fun, but I am ready for basketball.
  • KU plays Valpo tonight in college hoops. I remember, before I moved to Indiana, I thought Homer Drew was a great guy. But when I moved here, it seemed like no one in the state liked him that much. I’ve heard some stories, I’ll leave it at that. Then his son Scott took the Baylor job and became the most hated coach in the Big 12 with his Eddie Haskell act. I hope we kick Valpo’s ass.
  • Some ideas that are percolating that I hope to get to at some point, between kid duty and cranking out the NaNoWriMo words:
  • Athletes on Twitter
  • Turner Gill (This one has been brewing for awhile, and has changed from week-to-week. I think it’ll become a post-season post, now.)
  • Why I wish I was filthy rich. It’s not what you think.
  • A review of a new piece of hardware I’ve added to my collection.
  • Some other stuff.

And that’s that. Happy Monday.