Well, this is it. The final post of 2010. Everything will be different the next time I post. Or nothing, really, other than the date stamp.

It’s been a solid break here at the B. house. The girls have driven us a little crazy, but we’ve survived. An experiment to finally get all the girls sleeping normally – putting them all in one room – showed promise early, but has gone off the rails a bit the last few nights. But there’s still hope that sometime in 2011 we will go back to sleeping like a normal family.1

We’re actually heading out tonight for our first New Year’s party in recent memory. It’s kid-friendly, and we’re unlikely to make it to midnight, but it will still be nice to get out of the house for a change and spend the evening talking to adults.

I hope each one of you has a safe and happy New Year, no matter how you spend it and who you spend it with. Thanks for checking in and putting up with all my nonsense in 2010. There’s plenty more nonsense to come in the new year!

  1. I spent most of last night sleeping in the same room as all three girls. L. tossed and turned, slapped me in the face, threw her body across mine, and cried periodically. C. was having bad dreams and somehow managing to throw a tantrum in her sleep. Once I leaned over to her, shook her gently, and asked what was wrong. She replied, “I don’t like sleeping. It’s not so much fun,” as she continued her mid-sleep meltdown. Weird. And then M. was up in her top bunk grinding her teeth like she had thrown down a bunch of Ecstasy before bedtime. That’s a rather long-winded way of saying I got very little sleep last night.