We are in the midst of some crazy times in our house. S. was away at a work conference for a couple days. She now works eight straight days. I have a couple work assignments coming up, and really could be working almost every night if S. was not. C. finishes school this week, M. next week. Next Friday we’re off to South Carolina for a week.

Oh, and C. turned five yesterday.

Like I said, a lot of stuff going on.

C.’s birthday was fairly low key, but she’s getting to stretch it out for awhile to make up for it. She got to celebrate in school on Monday. We had balloons, she opened presents (A Razor scooter and a new game for her Leapster), and had cupcakes yesterday. And Friday she’s having a group of friends join her at a bounce place for a few hours of jumping around, pizza, and cake. Five does not suck, at least for her.

So how is C.? As I seem to always say, C. is C.. She’s our Most child. She’s the most sweet and the most maddening. She’s the most focused when in the right mood, and the most easily distracted the rest of the time. She’s the most girly and the most tomboyish. She’s the most emotional. She’s the most silly. The most likely to be doing something she shouldn’t. Whatever she does, chances are it’s going to be off the charts in one direction or another.

She’s come a long way this year at school and we’re excited to see her blossom when she hits kindergarten next year. She will do the same thing M. did: go through kindergarten at preschool then repeat it the following year at M.’s current school. That worked well for M., and while C. isn’t as young in her class as M. was, it feels like she could use that extra year even more than M. did.

I remember just before C. was born being worried about how I would learn to love a second child as much as I loved my first. Turns out it was easy, as it was easy to learn to love #3 when she came along. C. doesn’t always make it easy for us 1, but I’m quite proud of our little five-year-old.

Yesterday she nearly ran off the sidewalk in front of a car, sprayed Pledge all over the kitchen floor, soaked two towels while “getting a drink of water”, pouted the entire time we were walking through the mall, left the house without a jacket, took one of L.’s toys from her. I blame her for my slightly elevated blood pressure. ↩