By the time you read this, we should be several hours from home in the Family Truckster – a.k.a. Swagger Wagon a.k.a. Daddy’s Blue Van – heading south. We will pass near Cincinnati, go through Lexington and Knoxville, then turn east towards Asheville. We will spend Friday night visiting with friends there and then continue southeast Saturday until we can continue no further. Our final destination is Hilton Head, South Carolina, where we will be spending a week with the kids, three aunts, one cousin, and two grandparents.

If the girls were any more excited they would burst. They cannot wait to make their first trip to a real beach and enjoy our own, personal pool for seven days. We just hope they can contain their excitement in the 12+ hours of van time each way. If the DVD player, DS and Leapsters, books, and other distractions do their job, we’ll survive the trip down. The trip home, which we plan on doing in a single day, could be interesting.

Usually when I travel, I like to take a book that relates to the place we’re visiting. South Carolina presents some interesting opportunities. Should I pack a Civil War history? Perhaps something about the Civil Rights movement or the Johnson presidency? Or why not go all out and reread Malcolm X’s autobiography?

I kid, of course. I plan on working through a couple novels that have been sitting on my shelf for a bit, one a recent Bond novel the other a dark mystery. And I have a bunch of long articles loaded up on my Kindle to pass time, as well.

While this is a vacation, I am a blogger. And I can’t survive without my MacBook Air. So I will try to post some stuff as time allows.

Wish us luck.