When the new Giants/Jets stadium was constructed, without a roof, and New York was awarded the 2014 Super Bowl, plenty of people talked about how great it would be if a Super Bowl was played in true winter conditions. Like a playoff game in Green Bay or Chicago, why shouldn’t the NFC championship be decided in the elements. While there were some naysayers (“Why should the title come down to a kicker slipping in icy conditions?”) it seemed like the majority decision was a Super Bowl played in the snow would be kind of awesome. After all, isn’t the gold standard for title games the 1967 NFL title game, aka The Ice Bowl.

While I’m on board with that, I also know if the weather is shitty in Indianapolis next Sunday, it won’t matter that the game is being played under a roof. People, tired of spending a week in a city where the entertainment options are limited, will complain. “Please, no more cold weather city Super Bowls,” will be the mantra of pampered columnists across the country.

So, all that said, we’re off to a promising start to Super Bowl week.

I should add that while it’s pretty far out, next weekend is forecast to be seasonably cold, with snow chances both days.