M.: Each morning when I drop M. off at school, she mumbles a goodbye to me as she scans the sidewalk between the van and the front door. She’s looking for friends who may be walking in. On the mornings she does run into someone she knows, I love the way they both light up, run to each other, start talking and laughing, and then walk inside together. It’s nice to be 7 and get along with everyone. It won’t be all that much longer before she’s trying to avoid certain people in the hallways.

C.: Thursday night was Dads’ Night at C.’s school. She was so excited about it! All week she had been counting down the days. “Only two more days until Dads’ Night!” After school on Thursday she kept asking me for updates on how long until we would head back to her classroom. When we arrived, she was giddy. She clung to me and gave me hugs and giggled the entire time. They sang some songs. We made a craft. We listened to a story. We ate a snack. The entire time she was almost shaking in her excitement.

She has lots of ebbs and flows in her moods, but when she’s sweet, she’s about as sweet as can be.

L.: Her funny phrase of the week: “That is so surprising!”

Many of the other parents out there are aware of Platypus Day, in honor of Perry the Platypus, and the walk that goes along with it. Each time the commercial appears on Disney, L. runs to the TV, and makes her version of the Perry sound, “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.” She proud of how well she can roll her R’s.