Three year olds are always observing, cataloging, and analyzing the actions and speech of others. Then they throw it back at you and crack you up.


The other night the girls were playing outside after dinner. First M. came in saying that L. hit her. A few minutes later C. came in, crying, with the same complaint.

I brought L. in and told her not only could she no longer play outside, but also she had lost access to the new DVD we picked up at the library just for her that day.

She asked when she would be able to watch it again.

I said I wasn’t sure, it depended on her behavior.

She, in a completely mocking voice, said, “Do you mean tomorrow?” As she said tomorrow, she raised her hands and made air quotes. “Tomorrow.”

What the hell, where did she learn that?

I had to get up and leave the room before I started cracking up. She’s getting a bit of her biggest sister’s attitude and all I needed was for her to start throwing air quotes at me each time she talks back, thinking she can make me laugh and get away with her ‘tude.