As I shared last week, we have new neighbors.

They began to arrive Friday night, and then spent much of the weekend replacing carpet, painting, and moving their stuff in. We finally met them on Sunday. Nice folks.

Like we guessed, they have one daughter who is about M’s age and another who is about C’s age. As a bonus, their cousins, two more girls in the same age range, live about a block away. So Sunday all seven girls played together for awhile as the parents chatted.

Tuesday the girls started playing the minute all five were home from school and didn’t stop until I called mine in for dinner at 5:30. I was staining our deck and their dad was working in his garage. At one point he called over to me and said, “It’s a shame our girls aren’t getting along at all.” Seriously, it’s awesome how kids just hook up and start playing, not worried about occupation, religion, politics, or other socio-economic factors. You’re my age and want to play? Awesome!

I’m sure it won’t always be this easy. Sooner or later there will be hurt feelings, broken toys, picking on each other, etc. But they’re off to a great start, which is a relief for us and I’m sure for their parents as well.