Mercy, there has been some funny stuff over the past week.

M.: She’s picked up two new expressions, which she uses ceaselessly. One, ironically, is “It’s an expression,” often preceeded by a defensive, “What?” Example: “You better clean that up or Mom’s gonna kill you. What? It’s an expression!”

The other saying is “Think about it.” This one is a little annoying, because she loves to use it on her sisters when they don’t understand something a big first grader knows. “Of course cheese comes from cows since it’s made from milk, C.. Think about it.”

C.: She picked up a bug bite while playing outside one evening. After the girls’ bath, she was scratching it, whining about how uncomfortable it was, and begging us to put something on it to make the itch go away. S. asked me to go get the anti-itch cream and C. started screaming.

“NOOO! I just want the plain itch cream!”

It took us a second, but we laughed pretty hard once we realized what she meant.

L.: The littlest sister has also picked up an expression. She likes for you to scratch her back and, while you do so, she yells, “Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!”

Good times!