It’s been a busy start to the summer, thus the slow rate of posts here last week. I can’t promise it will increase, but know it’s because we’re enjoying the season.

For example, here’s how we spent the weekend.

Friday the girls got to go to Target and spend some of the money they’ve saved. L. got a turtle from Nemo that really swims. M. and C. both got (yet another) Barbie. The neighbors were home so after lunch, I put up our tent, filled one of the little pools, and turned the girls loose. They spent the entire afternoon playing, making clubhouses, and generally bouncing back-and-forth between our yard and the neighbors’.

Saturday we had what the girls insisted was “the best day ever.” In the morning we went to a local park we hadn’t been to in quite a while. They got to dig in sand, swing, and climb some ropes. That’s a pretty solid day right there, but it got better.

We went to my in-laws’ pool after lunch and splashed around for about 90 minutes. Both M. and C. showed off their skills, swimming around quite a bit without any floaties, noodles, etc. Everyone was starving and we were tired, so we got Wendy’s on the way home for an early dinner. Wendy’s alone was exciting for the girls, but getting it at 3:30 in the afternoon was like the greatest thing ever!

One of our sprinklers doesn’t appear to be working correctly, so after we ate I turned them on and tried to figure out what the problem was. While I was investigating, the girls got to run through the spray.

After I shut everything down, I listed off all the things they had done during the day. C. shrieked, “This is the best day ever, Dad!” Her sisters quickly agreed.

I’d love to say everyone collapsed into bed early, but C. and L. just aren’t wired that way. L. finally drifted off after about an hour. I was a little sunburned, my eyes dry from chlorine, and generally beat, so I headed to bed at 9. When I peeked in, C. was still laying there talking to herself. I have no idea how she wasn’t out cold.

Sunday was a little less eventful. Some time outside, a couple errands, we watched some Euro2012 together, and then some time with the neighbors after dinner. Hopefully everyone falls asleep quickly tonight, because we’re back to swimming lessons first thing tomorrow.