A quick note about the new look. No major changes for you, the loyal reader, to worry about. Squarespace, the service I’ve been on since early this year, just released the newest version of their platform. Version 6 brings in a bunch of new technologies, most of which can be lumped under the term ‘responsive web design’. Basically what that means is a site should look the same whether you’re reading it on a 30′ display, an iPad, or a smartphone. I like what I’ve seen so far.

The downside is my old template did not carry over, so it gives me a chance to play around without being terribly disruptive to my readers. I’ve based my current look on the visual theme Solarized, which I’ve used for most of my text editing apps for a couple years now. It’s allegedly designed to make reading as easy and strain-free as possible. I’ve generally found that to be true, but I trust you’ll let me know if that’s not the case.

Ironically, despite all the super new and cool technology that backs up Squarespace, my site has gone from being full of graphics, sidebar links, etc. to looking closer to the first version of the site than anything else. Pretty weird, huh?

Thanks for indulging my technology itches and reading.