I am a horrible parent. Last night, as the Indiana Fever closed out the WNBA championship series, I let my girls sleep. Years from now, when classmates ask them where they were on that glorious night, they’ll dip their heads and mumble, “My dad didn’t wake me up to watch the game or celebrate.”

A terrific weekend, other than that notable failure. One of my 86 sisters-in-law got married, so we had the entire extended clan in town. It was a busy three days, but they were great fun.

It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception. The girls were very well behaved and loved getting their hair done, watching the ceremony, and throwing down on the dance floor. They were also thrilled to have their two cousins from Denver staying at our home.

Apparently we’ll be doing this again sometime in 2013, as one of my brothers-in-law was recently engaged. The best part of his wedding will be its location: Boston. So I can start warming up my Boston accent. Or wahming up, I should say. S. will be thrilled!

This will likely be another light week here, as it is a short week for M. and C. They had a full day of school today, have half days the next two, then are off Thursday and Friday for Fall Break. We’ll be taking a quick, local trip over the weekend.