“The House That Heaven Built” – Japandroids

Here it is, the big one!

This, my friends, is a great fucking song.

It is a song that, the first time I heard it, I knew would be in the running for song of the year. I’ve listened to it countless times since that first play in April, and it has never gotten old. Each listen is just as good, if not better, than the original.

What makes it great? It is a pure rock ‘n’ roll song. It’s loud and raw and absolutely roars. It’s about being young and free and not yet at the stage of life where we are slowed down by responsibilities. It is about jumping into a car with your friends on a summer night, rolling down the windows, cranking up the music, and just driving without a destination or plans. It’s about embracing the possibilities every single moment presents to us. It’s about being alive.

I love songs that are about saving the world or easing our pains. But sometimes I just want to rock.